The calculating program DiVent is a special software assigned to solve the problems with designing and calculating. Program is built up as a tool for basic design of regulating valves. It is supposed to be clear also for laymen that design or operate these devices. The purpose of this product is to create an acceptable background for users so that they can define important parameters of the regulating valves as folows:

  • determination of Kvs value
  • determination of appropriate DN of armature and the following piping
  • proper design of armature type incl. its construction
  • find estimated armature noise
  • determination and elimination of unwanted phenomena such as cavitation, flashing or chocked flow


Calculations and algorithms used in DiVent software come out of the following norms valid in the EU:

  • ČSN EN 60534-2-1:1998 - Calculation relations for flow in opearting conditions
  • ČSN EN 60534-8-3:2000 - Calculating procedures for the noise prognosis of regulating valves
  • ČSN EN 60534-8-4:1999 - Preliminary noise calculation ceased by the flow in regulating valve


We would like to increase the comfort and the possibilities of Divent as follows:

  • the main part of the program
  • complete the medium database
  • complete valves database

The program update is automatic, the user just activates the agreement with the automatic update.


In case of any ideas or problems we ask you for sending your remarks to the following email address: divent@polnacorp.cz

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