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Boiler and energy equipment conference

15.1.2015 | Dear partners, we bring you new edition of the POLNA corp. bulletin. We would like to wish you yet another prosperous year 2015 and many sucessfull projects. [More]

PF 2015

31.12.2014 | Thank you for your cooperation in 2014 and wishing you many personal and professional successes in 2015. [More]

The new product catalogue

10.1.2014 | As proposed earlier last year, we begun a project of unificating our product catalogue datasheets. [More]

Surveillance audit

7.12.2011 | In the period of 23. to 24. of November 2011, the second surveillance audit took place in our company POLNA Corp. It was focused on compliance with Environmental Management System EMS and QMS Quality Management System, according to the ISO 14001:2005 and ISO 9001:2009. [More]

Low pressure reducing valve

11.7.2011 | For certain period you can find in our offer special group of low pressure regulators, which we pointed out also in our newsletters. It is self acting regulators for low pressure range. Today we would like to familiarize you with one of the available types and pointed to its specifications, advantages and possible uses. [More]


31.5.2011 | In engineering practice we often meet operational requirements and conditions that are almost contradictory or cover an extreme wide range of operating values. [More]

Valves for supercritical parameters

15.4.2011 | In a new applications for industry sector we meet very often the requirement of supercritical range of working parameters for valves. Within our product range we are dealing with all the critical issues associated with such operations. [More]

Aseptic valve with glass body

2.2.2011 | For applications with extreme requirements of process cleanliness we commonly offer control valves that meet strict criteria for aseptic operations. These elements are used mainly in its pharmaceutical and food industries. or as well as in brewing. [More]

Valves with heating coat

6.12.2010 | One of the designs beyond the standard control armatures catalog are valves equipped with heating coat. During the regulation of flow via control valve we encounter often the problem of very low temperatures. In the case of liquid media, with a freezing temperature close to ambient temperature, is necessary to heat the pipeline, as well as installed control valves... [More]

Microcontrol valves, series 3000

3.11.2010 | ON/OFF and control valves for very low flow rates and vide range of working media. Applicable in hard conditions: from cryogenic up to temperatures of +350°C. All with very short delivery time. [More]

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