Quality, EMS and OHS strategy

POLNA corp. s.r.o., started up in 1998 and its main purpose is to be a reliable partner in the section of the production and supplying of the following products:

In every our business activities we follow the policy of sustainable growth and environment protection.

Related to company's values and development

  • To reach stability and improving the quality of our service and products by procedural oriented quality management system in all our processes and activities.
  • To keep valid decisions of all legal and other regulations relating to the activities of the company and thus to be a solid partner both for customers, and also for other interested parties.
  • To reach stable position on the market based on quality of our products, service and our professional attitude.
  • To act so that company's activities affect environment as few as possible, according to pollution prevention engagement.

Related to customers and all other involved parties

  • We'd like to be the professional and respected partner to our customers with emphasis on long-term and mutual profitable cooperation, and help our customers to reach their business goals by our active attitude.
  • Our long-term target is to most satisfy customer requests focusing on technical support, high quality, and longtime reliability combined with superior service for all offered products. In exacting process of productivity rising, we intend to offer tenderable prices of manufactured products with satisfactory delivery terms.

Related to employees

  • We make an effort for creating proper relations with our employees, as we realize that company performance and reputation is the result of employee’s quality.
  • We train our own highly qualified employees and enable school-leavers to gain adequate knowledge and experience to be best prepared for the middle and higher management level, where decisions on success of each company are made. 
  • We raise our employees to feel the unity with company.
  • We increase professional skills level of our employees on all layers.
  • We engage our employees in process of continuous improvement of their activities focusing on natural environment issues.

Related to suppliers

  • We cooperate with suppliers oriented on High Quality products retaining fair price levels.
  • With our suppliers we build-up mutual profitable, long-term business relations.

In Oldřichovice 01. 03. 2011

Arnold Macura
Company director

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